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Youngevity Compensation Plan Presentation

This short 8 min video demonstrates the power of the upfront coding bonus money you can make with Youngevity along with the incredible residual income you can make by sharing the Dead Doctors Don’t Lie CD and the 90 For Life concept with others. The average monthly order per person in Youngevity is $150 per month. At the SEMD level you make a $100 coding bonus for everyone who buys a Mega CEO Pack on your team no matter what level they are on or who enrolls them! This demonstration does NOT include the $100 Fast Start Bonus you receive on every CEO you enroll, it does not include the 30% Quick Start Bonus you receive on a new members first order, and it does NOT include any Car Bonuses or Stock Options! If we were to add all of those things in you would fall off your chair 🙂 This video is meant to show you the millions of dollars you can make it coding alone! Make sure you purchased a CEO Mega pack and make sure you are promoting the CEO Mega Pack to your prospects so you can collect this amazing coding bonus!